Police Department

537 Totowa Road
Totowa, NJ 07512
(973) 790-3700

* * * FOR AN EMERGENCY - PLEASE CALL 9-1-1 * * *

The Totowa Police Department is a full service agency working for and with our citizens to enrich and strengthen the quality of life within our Borough. We are committed to being able to respond to the diverse needs within our town. We recognize the need to build partnerships with all members of our community in an effort to maintain law and order. We will strive to protect and serve with excellence.

Please contact Roe Carr in the Records Division concerning accident reports

973-790-3700, ext. 3702.


Chief Robert Coyle - RCoyle@totowapd.org

Captain Carl Cifaldi - CCifaldi@totowapd.org
Det/Captain Carmen Veneziano - CVeneziano@totowapd.org
Captain Keith Schaffer - KSchaffer@totowapd.org
Captain Frank Deceglie - FDeceglie@totowapd.org

Lieutenant Brian Mulroony - BMulroony@totowapd.org
Lieutenant George DiPasquale - GDipasquale@totowapd.org
Lieutenant Jerry Tolomeo - JTolomeo@totowapd.org
Lieutenant James Eisele - JEisele@totowapd.org
Lieutenant Joseph Tomasello - JTomasello@totowapd.org

Sergeant Robert Errigo - RErrigo@totowapd.org
Sergeant Jeff Pasquariello - JPasquariello@totowapd.org
Sergeant Daniel Diblasio - DDiblasio@totowapd.org
Sergeant Jamie Titus - JTitus@totowapd.org

Ptlm. Gary Potenzone - GPotenzone@totowapd.org
Ptlm. Park Balloutine - PBalloutine@totowapd.org
Ptlm. Brian Britting - BBritting@totowapd.org
Det. Gary Bierach - GBierach@totowapd.org
Det. Nick Varcadipane - NVarcadipane@totowapd.org
Ptlm. Joseph Flynn - JFlynn@totowapd.org
Ptlm. Douglas Spinella - DSpinella@totowapd.org
Ptlm. Thomas Bevacqua - TBevacqua@totowapd.org
Ptlm. Sean Williams - SWilliams@totowapd.org
Ptlw. Meagan Akins – MAkins@totowapd.org
Ptlm. Joseph Parlegreco - JParlegreco@totowapd.org
Ptlm. Jack Pohlman - JPohlman@totowapd.org
Ptlm. Nick Macaluso - NMacaluso@totowapd.org
Ptlm. James Jurewicz - JJurewicz@totowapd.org


Disp. Mary Picarelli - MPicarelli@totowapd.org
Disp. Carl Baker - CBaker@totowapd.org
Disp. Daniel Urban - DUrban@totowapd.org